Instructor Ellison:

I appreciate your help in getting me to the fitness level that I wanted and needed to be at. Introducing crossfit to me was a huge development in my lifestyle. My beginning PT test in September was as follows: run time was 10:06, sit ups 38, push ups 38, chin ups 14. My final PT test yesterday was as follows: run time 9:32, push ups 60, sit ups 52, chin ups 30, sit and reach 22.25 inches.

Thank you,
Tim C. Rodgers

Hey Coach Ellison,

I know its only been a couple weeks since I have left Georgia and Crossfit Salt but I am having withdrawls from it. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to crossfit it has really changed my life. I love it so much. It helped me get into better shape and realize how strong I can actually be. I improved so much on my PT test here at RTC, I got 61 push up’s, 55 situps, 8 pull up’s and 13:07 in my mile in a half and its all because of crossfit and your coaching. Once again thank you so much for pushing me to work hard at crossfit and even at FLETC. You are an amazing coach and instuctor. I hope I will be able to come back to Crossfit Salt and do another WOD you guys soon.

Brittney Reker

CrossFit Salt was the best program that I’ve been introduced to. I was stationed down here in Brunswick Georgia for the police academy and the hardest part about the training was being homesick and not being able to play soccer. Once I found out about CrossFit Salt I decided to try it out. I really enjoyed the program because I felt like I was part of a team, a family, and most importantly I felt a sense of competitiveness within myself to always do better than the day before. Everyone in the program cheers eachother on and it allowed me to feel like I am part of a team. It reminded me of being back at home which allowed me to forget about being homesick. The results that I saw from doing this program was outstanding. I have improved in everything on my physical fitness exam and my instructors there at the academy had noticed I was loosing a lot of excess weight. I use to train on a powerlifting team for 3 years and was never able to bench press more than 110lbs on a good day. After I started training at CrossFit Salt I increased my bench press to 140lbs in 9 weeks. I never pictured myself being able to bench that much especially in that short amount of time. I’ve also tried P90X and trained with professional soccer players and was not able to see these kind of results.

I was worried about starting a new physical regiment due to me having a prior ankle and knee injury and not be able to do some of the workouts. Another thing that I really enjoyed about these workouts was I could do an alternate activity that would be less strenuous on my knee or ankle. Mr. Ellison and Mr. Fetter are both well knowledged in CrossFit and taught me ways I can improve my physical fitness level both safely and effectively. CrossFit Salt has changed my life and caused me to be in the best shape of my life!

Kim Kerschner