Foundational Movements

CrossFit Salt will introduce you to the proper form of the nine CrossFit Foundational Movements, and will closely supervise the development of your execution technique.

During your CrossFit foundations program you will learn the 9 basic CrossFit movements that will build a foundation to perform the CrossFit workouts.

Those 9 movements are:

the squat – Air Squat Demo w/explanations…[wmv][mov]

front squat – Front Squat Good/Bad Bi-panel…[wmv][mov]

overhead squat – Overhead Squatting Safely…[wmv][mov]

shoulder press

push press – Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk tri-panel…[wmv]

push jerk

deadlift – Deadlift Intro Lecture Clip…[wmv][mov]

sumo deadlift high pull – Sumo Dead Lift High Pull…[wmv]

medicine ball clean – Learning the Medicine Ball Clean, Rob Miller…[wmv][mov]

Regardless of your exercise experience, every athlete is required to attend Foundations before participating in CrossFit Salt workouts. By becoming proficient with these movements, not only will it allow you to integrate with our CrossFit Salt family faster, it will help your fitness progression be faster.  Once you understand the movements and do them well, we can then add weight and speed.

Nine Foundational Movements with Lisa Ray, CrossFit Level 1 Seminars – video … [wmv] [mov]