Is CrossFit for me, I am kind of terrified?!
We promise you will be totally fine. Trust us.
CrossFit is universally scalable meaning that everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or fitness level, can CrossFit. Our members range from professional athletes to FLETC students to grandmothers in their 60’s and members just starting their fitness journey. CrossFit results come from working at high intensity and that intensity is defined by you, the individual. We can modify any WOD to make sure you can work at your personal best. All we ask is that you come in, work hard and you will get in the best shape of your life. If you would like to come and observe a class or start with an individual private class, please contact us and we will happy to show you the ropes.

How long is the average class?
Our classes are scheduled for one hour. It may occasionally run a little shorter or longer depending on the WOD. This hour will always include warm up, skill, mobility and/or strength work, and the WOD.

What is a WOD?
WOD is an acronym for “Workout of the Day”. These WODs vary in length and modality but offer a different challenge each day.

Why does CrossFit cost more than the ordinary gym membership?
We are not the ordinary gym where you walk in, swipe your card, and wander around wondering what you should be doing. CrossFit is successful because experienced coachs are available at every class to ensure that you are able to perform safely and with the highest intensity level possible.