Workout of the Day (the WOD)

No CrossFit box worth its salt would skip the WOD. CrossFit Salt follows the daily CrossFit HQ workout, found at Got a favorite CrossFit site? Is there a WOD you dread? Bring it to CrossFit Salt.

Prescribed WODs are extremely difficult, but can be modified. All workouts can be scaled in difficulty, according to age and ability.

Group Classes

CrossFit Salt offers every client an exciting and unique training environment. Our group classes typically have between four to ten persons per class.

Discounts are available for local sports clubs, teams, or any other group of 10 or more. Call now to arrange a visit with a coach.

Kids Fitness

CrossFit Salt is located at The Kids Club, which has been providing after school activities to Southeast Georgia since 2000. Discounts offered to Kids Club members.

CrossFit for Seniors

As one ages, fitness is necessary to maintain independence. Exercising with functional movements improves bone density, reduces blood pressure, increases strength, and ensures the ability to perform basic tasks needed to lead a full life. Give us a call! We can come to you, or you can join a class.

Individual and Personal Training

If you are looking for 1-on-1 training, your search ends with CrossFit Salt. Let our trainers help you achieve the fitness missing in your life.

Mobile Instruction

If you prefer in-home instruction and personal training, CrossFit Salt is your ideal source. Let our trainers come to you. Schools, social clubs, and community organizations can have our instructors come to the location you choose. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What about prices?

Unlimited – $125/month

Foundational Movements Competency – $225
All 9 CrossFit foundational movements. Up to 9 hours of coaching to perform properly.

Walk-Ins & Guests – $20/day, or $40/week
Experienced CFers only. Must be member of CF Affiliate.

Show Me – $40
90 minutes intro to CrossFit includes coaching and a WOD.

Group Training – $15/person
75 minute session. Groups of 10 or more.